Fall/Winter 2014 Challenge

Key to Emily's ramblings:
Italic= thoughts/feelings regarding task 
Maroon: Possible books that would work
Bold= Official book for task (but unclaimed)
Strike through= Points Claimed

Rules for the Fall/Winter 2014-15 Challenge:
1. This challenge will start September 1, 2014 (12:01 am EST) and will end at 11:59 pm on March 31, 2015. 
2. All books read during the challenge dates, September through March, can count towards tasks. So, if you join in November, anything you read that FITS a task can count towards the challenge as long as you read it AFTER September 1st. If you are less than half way through a book BEFORE the challenge starts, you can use it for the challenge. If you are over the halfway point, you cannot use it for the challenge. 
3. Books can only be used for one category. 
4. Re-reads are fine, except where stated otherwise. 
5. All books should be over 150 pages unless otherwise stated. If you read a book that is not quite 150 pages, please make sure that it for a lower point task and you are only able to read an "under 150 pages book" once. Please get an "ok" from us before you try and count an "under 150 pages book" for a task. The only exception is the Children's Book task. We will allow that one to be 100 pages.
6. To claim your points, you must post completed tasks in the "Leaderboard & Completed Tasks" thread. Please include the title, author, the task number it was for, and your total number of points to date. You can update your task list but we will not be checking those for your points. That is just for your records only. 
7. If you have any doubts as to whether a book fits a particular challenge, please feel free to ask. 
8. Above all, remember this challenge is supposed to be FUN, a good way to tackle some of your TBR list, and to expand your horizons. 
9. Those that finish/win the challenge will be able to pick a task for the Spring/Summer 2014 Challenge. 
10. Most Important: HAVE FUN! 

5 points:

1. The Dark Side: Since it is getting dark earlier, read a book with a dark story or has a dark cover. 

2. Scared?: Read a non-fiction book about something that scares you. Sharks, cancer, Bozo the Clown, Kanye West.

3. Pretty in Pink: October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Read a book with something pink on the cover. 

4. School Spirit: Read a book with a picture of your high school’s mascot on the cover, or that’s cover is predominantly in your high school’s colors.

5. Body Parts: Random Fact: there are only 10 human body parts that are only 3 letters long. Eye, Hip, Arm, Leg, Ear, Toe, Jaw, Rib, Lib and Gum. Read a book with one of these words in the title or on the cover. 

6. Stressed?: Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards. Read a book that has a dessert on the cover or that deals with a stressful event.

7. Janus: god of the doorway: January gets its name from Janus, read a book with some sort of doorway on the cover or has a story that features a secret doorway to another land/dimension.  More Than This by Patrick Ness

8. Scrambled: When I was in elementary, my teacher would post the Holiday name and we would try to see how many words we could create out of the letters. So, read a book that has a word (3 or more letters) in the title that can be created using the letters in HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING, or CHRISTMAS. 

10 points: Odd(?) Holidays 

1. National Courtesy Month (September): Read a book with please or thank you in the title or subtitle.

2. International Frugal Fun Day (October 4): Read a book you got for free.

3. Book Lovers Day (November 1): Reread a favorite book.

4. Go For a Ride Day (November 22): Read a book with a vehicle or some sort of transportation on the cover. The method of transportation can be powered (car, train) or not (bicycle, skateboard).

5. Unlucky Day (December 31) Read a book with something considered to be a "luck charm" on the cover or that has a (un)lucky word in the title. Can be bad luck (black cat) or good luck (4 leaf clover).

6. Make Your Dream Come True Day (January 13) Read a book where the main character is whatever you wanted to be when you grew up. Most kids want to be a super hero or princess. One of my friends still wants to become a unicorn. Doesn’t need to be a realistic dream!

7. Canned Food Month (February): Food drives tend to fall during the winter months, so read a book with a philanthropic story line and/or character, or a biography about a famous humanitarian.

8. Jewel Day (March 13): Read a book with a jewel on the cover, or with the name of a jewel in the title. 

15 points

1. Board Games: Read a book that has something related to the board games Clue and Monopoly on the cover. This would include any piece, so it could be money or a shoe or the conservatory or the candlestick or something else.

2. State By State: Read a book from this map and let us know if you think it fits the state it is assigned to. http://mentalfloss.com/sites/default/...

3. White Elephant Part II: You will need to post 3 books you have read and loved and 3 books you would like to read on the Fall/Winter 2014-2015: Task 15.3 thread. Choose 1 book from the list posted before your list.

4. Orange is the New Black: Read a book about a character that served time in prison or is serving time in prison. This can be fiction or non-fiction. 

5. ATTENTION!!!: Read a book with an opening sentence that really grabs your attention. You can check out the College Students' thread first lines for ideas. You can also look at the listopia "Best Opening Sentence".

6. Blog Hop: Read a book that has been reviewed or given away from one of the blogs mentioned in our thread about blogs and/or on the Broke and the Bookish blog. Share which blog you found your choice from.

7. Opinions Matter: Read a book that is recommended to you by a family member or friend. 

8. Season of Giving: Everyone post a book they are planning on giving this season as a gift on the Fall/Winter 2014-2015: Task 15.8 thread. Then pick a book from that list. 

20 points

1. Group Read: Read a past group read OR a group read that happens during one of the months of this challenge AND post to the discussion thread what you thought about the book.

2. Spring/Summer Challenge Winner Bethany's challenge: Anti-Wheel of Fortune Read a book where one word of the title (3+ letters) does NOT contain R,S,T,L,N, or E. 

25 points:

1. Take a RISK or Play it SAFE: Read 2 books:
Book 1: Take a Risk -- Read a book with a title/subtitle that contains the letters R, I, S, and K.
Book 2: Play it Safe -- Read a book written by an author whose name contains the letters S, A, F, and E.

2. That’s My Name: Read 2 books: Each title must start with one of your initials. I was going to limit this to first and last names, but some of us may have difficulties with that, so if you have middle, maiden, whatever names, take your initials, and choose some books. May drop A or The at the beginning of the title in you need to.

3. What’s the Word?: Read 2 books that have the same word in the title. 

4. Getting To Know You: Read 2 books, with each book telling the rest of us something about you. For example, I could do American Muscle Cars: Ford, Carroll Shelby, and the History of the Mustang because I love and drive a Mustang, and Your Brain on Cubs: Inside the Heads of Players and Fans because I am a Cubs fan. They do not have to be non-fiction. 

5. Reading Rainbow: Read 2 books: A book must have 1: the personality as a main character or 2: that color as a main cover color. The books can be both 1’s or 2’s or one of each. Must choose 2 different colors. 

RED: those who are courageous, dynamic, and confident.

ORANGE: those who are creative. 

YELLOW: those who are wise. 

GREEN: those who are understanding, compassionate, generous, humble, and romantic. 

BLUE: those who are truthful, loyal, and honest.

INDIGO: those who are intuitive.

VIOLET: those who are inspirational, kind and just.

6. New Year’s Resolution: Read 2 books: Stop Procrastinating, read the book that has been on your TBR for the longest and since we all stick to our resolutions COMPLETELY(insert sarcasm font), read the book that has been on it the shortest. 

25 points: Part II

7. The Hunger Games: Stolen, I mean borrowed, from Jennifer on “2014 Reading Challenge Group. 
Choose 2 districts (or the capital) and read 1 book each.

The Capitol: The capitol is filled with beautiful extravagant people. Read a book with “beauty” in the title OR read a book where the main character is extraordinarily beautiful.

District 1: District 1 produces luxury items. Read a book about people who are rich OR read a book where something normally associated with luxury is on the cover.

District 2: District 2 produces weapons and trains peacekeepers. Read a book about a war OR read a book with a dirty cop as one of the characters.

District 3: District 3 makes electronics. Read a book about a technologically advanced society OR read a book with a computer (or robot) as a main character.

District 4: District 4 is a fishing district. Read a book about a fisherman OR read a book that takes place on a boat. 

District 5: District 5 is the source of electrical power. Read a book that features a lightning storm OR read a book that is set in a place without electricity. 

District 6: District 6 is the hub of transportation. Read a book written by an author from a different country OR read a book that takes place in a real location you could visit.

District 7: District 7 produces lumber and paper. Read a book that takes place in a forest OR read a book where paper is used for something other than writing (i.e. for origami).

District 8: District 8 makes textiles. Read a book about fashion OR read a book where three or more characters dress the same.

District 9: District 9 produces grain and has no characters named in the books. Read a book with an unnamed main character OR read a book with a character who is a vegetarian.

District 10: District 10 specialized in raising livestock. Read a book that has a domestic animal as a character OR read a book that has an animal in the title. 

District 11: District 11 is an agricultural district and Rue, a young herbalist, originated here. Read a book where a young person dies OR read a book where an herbalist saves someone from dying. 

District 12: District 12 is the mining district, and Katniss and Peeta, its tributes, wear clothes that catch fire. Read a book that has a fire on the cover OR read a book that has the word coal in the title. 

District 13: District 13 is a rebellious district that specialized in nuclear technology. Read a book with a nuclear disaster OR read a book where the main character is rebellious.

8. School Subjects: For this challenge you are going to read two books. Choose 2 of the subjects below and read a book that fits each subject:

Chemistry: Get to know the Periodic Table of Elements. Read a book by an author whose first and last name initials form an abbreviation for a chemical element.

Geography: Read a book set predominately in a continent other than the one where you were born.

Geometry: Read a book with a word for a geometric shape in the title or subtitle. Plurals and possessives work, but no other variations. 

History: Read a book of fiction that takes a real-life historical individual and recreates elements of their life as a fictional narrative.

Math: Read a book with the total letters in the title equals one of the months during the challenge (9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3)

Music: Read a book with song lyrics in the title. Post what song when claiming points.

Performing Arts: Read a book, fiction or nonfiction, about a performing artist: dancer, singer, sword swallower, etc. 

World Language: Read a book that was originally written in a language different from your native language. 

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