Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 2014 Reading Goals

Oh, look at that! I haven't posted in a month and my last post was another reading goal!!! Yea, I still have lots of goals and I'm still reading lots of book I've just lost my interest in reviewing. Reading has always been my passion and the writing is obviously not my strength. I may bounce back with the New Year, but I also may not. Whatever.

First off, we review last month's, just like always:

The Descendants
The Killing Moon
The Maze Runner
Ender's Game
The Silver Lining's Playbook
Magic Hour

Currently Reading:
Monuments Men
Mr. Mercedes
More Than This

So-- I hit my goals for last much with the exception of Monuments Men. I've discovered that this is a very dry book and it's taking me a while to get into/through it. As for which movies I've watched, I think I only watched Ender's Game and let me tell you, it was one of the worst movie adaptations I've ever seen. I really enjoyed the book but the movie was such a bust. There was no character development, no real plot, and I hated it. The hubby thought the special effects were cool but I couldn't get over how crappy the movie was to give it a chance.

You may also notice that I added some books to my readings of this month and I was very happy overall with the books I read. I look forward to watching the movies that are associated with them and now my husband can't complain about me not reading enough (just kidding, he's never claimed this unless it keeps him from seeing a movie he wants to see.)

For next month, I think I'm going to play it by ear. I perused my yearly goals for 2014 and haven't done too bad but I'm at 86 out of 100 and have a month to finish plus I still want to get my TBR list under 200. So I'm going to wing it this month. I'm going to read as many TBR books that I can to hit two goals by the end of the year and round out a few more. Wish me luck!

Maybe you'll hear from me before 2015 but maybe not. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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