Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fool Me Twice

Title: Fool Me Twice
Author: Jim Dodge Jr.
Date Read: June 20, 2013
Summary: Set in the near future, Fool Me Twice follows ex-cop Colin Chapel on his quest to fight evil and return truth, justice and the American way to a troubled land. Standing in his way is the Regency, an organization of terror and tragedy. Only with the help of his adopted daughter, Shoestring, his lover Sgt. Suzie and a ton of other friends does Chapel have any hope of winning the day. goodreads
Review: Wait, what??! This book had potential! I really enjoyed the main character, Chapel, who was extremely sarcastic, if a little vulgar, and Shoestring was the cutest, scariest thing I could imagine. The pace of the book was extremely fast which left some things unanswered and unexplained but overall, I was enjoying myself. Then, all of a sudden, it ended. There was a “war” and a very unhappy ending which didn’t make sense. No rhyme or reason, it just ended. Left me wondering where the rest of the book was. Very bizarre!

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