Monday, March 24, 2014


Challenges. I love 'em. I've already shared my love of goals with you and my love of challenges goes hand in hand with that. But I should specify, I really only love reading challenges or maybe dorky challenges between my siblings, my husband, and me (like who can do the most what in the shortest amount of time.) Even though it sounds bad, I'm not so big into personal growth challenges. Like weight loss challenges or cleaning challenges or self-improvement challenges. Yes, I need to do those but I'd rather you challenge me to read 100 books in a year or race my brother in flip cup. See what I mean about the type of challenges I enjoy?
*Sidenote: By the end of this paragraph, does the word challenges sound funny to anyone else yet?

Since this is a book blog, I'm obviously going to focus on my book challenges (even though I'm sure a select few of you would like to hear about my weird family challenges. Most of them end inappropriately so let's keep those to ourselves for now.) I discovered various challenges on Goodreads a few years back and have participated in a couple. I'm part of the 50, 75, and 100+ books a year challenges but those have lost some appeal for me because I can do those challenges easy and they only require listing what I've read. Boring.

My all-time favorite challenge that I've participated in is the College Students! reading challenge. In real life, I'm no longer a college student, le sigh. But this was the best challenge that I found so I stuck with it. And I even won the whole she-bang a few seasons ago! (Best part of challenges is #winning in case you didn't know. Don't give me all of that "it's the journey" crap. Winning is where it's at.)

Usually, I get really into the challenge and make a really intense spreadsheet to keep track of everything but not this season. Unfortunately, the most recent College Students! challenge has left me wanting more. I'm not sure whether it's because I didn't like many of the tasks (which I didn't) or if I just couldn't make my books fit into them (which I couldn't) or my overall lack of motivation (common problem) but something has slowed me down when it comes to participating. I have books that I could report for reporting sake and get the points but I don't really care. Not to mention someone already completed the Fall/Winter challenge like a month ago when it doesn't end until the end of March. I know I should keep participating but it kind of takes the competition and the fun out of it. Hmpf.

Buuuuuuuut-- Fall/Winter is almost over which means a new challenge shall begin soon! And I'm already kind of getting excited. I'm hoping for better tasks and that I will particpate more because I've really enjoyed it in the past. I'm also looking for lots of other reading challenges out there. I'm not so big on TBR challenges because the majority of the books I read come straight from there so I'm constantly working on it (how do y'all keep track of what to read if it's not on your TBR?!?!?) But I'm interested in other fun and unique challenges. 

Any suggestions? 

And is anyone interested in joining me in the Spring/Summer challenge? (College student or not :)) 

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