Friday, August 15, 2014

A little change of heart...

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In the most unsurprising event of a book bloggers life, I've come over to the dark side. I've started a DNF shelf on goodreads. If you've been around these parts for awhile, you know that I pride myself on reading a huge range of genres and finishing everything I've started. Until recently that is. I'm not sure why this was a source of pride with me but at some point, I felt like every book deserved a chance and I was open to anything so why not? Now that I've matured, (*coughcough*) I've realized that my time is better spent reading the great books than feeling sorry for the crappy ones and I've just about had enough.

I think my change of heart stems from finding random books that I have downloaded on my nook and wondering how they got there and why I am reading them. As I look through these books, I realize that a lot of them are the free books that I got from B&N when I first got my nook and I was downloading willy-nilly. Big mistake, let me tell you! I've stumbled across a handful of horribly written, hard to follow, who-published-this? crap. That is why, I've proudly made my DNF list and I'm sticking to it.

Now, with that being said, I'm still going to read a lot of genres and the majority of the books I pick up. If it makes it onto my TBR list, I assume it was there for a reason and am more than likely going to give it a shot. If it's randomly on my nook, it stands less of a chance. I really liked Julia's idea from The Broke and The Bookish where she decided to give a book 30 pages before determining whether she continues or not. I will probably bump my limit to 50 pages but if it's painful to get through by that point, I'm giving myself permission to call it quits and DNF that sucker. At this point, my DNF list is at 2 (and I need to add one more) but I'm open to adding as I go along and no longer scared of missing out. There are plenty of great books that will hook me 50 pages in!

Do you DNF?!?!?

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