Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts

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Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts

  • My monthly reading goals just crumbled this weekend. I finished Empty Mansions (review to come) and started The First Warm Evening of the Year and let me tell you, it was horrible! I got about 30 pages in and just couldn't do it anymore. The writing was horrendous, the story was hard to follow, I was predicting what was going to happen and didn't like it. Hated the whole thing. So I put it down and I will never pick it back up. That's right, y'all. I have a DNF. I even made a list for it on Goodreads. I decided I wasn't wasting my time which is a big step for me. Then I opened my ebook copy of Feed ,which I've been so excited to read, and the format is wonky. I HATE THAT! I go through all this trouble of downloading it from my library, transferring it and putting it in calibre for it not to work? Drives me crazy. So now I have a hold on the dead tree version of it at my library but I'm also considering just buying it (either ebook or regular) because I've heard such good things. If I buy it though, my OCD will require me to buy the whole series. Regardless of whether I like them all or not. (Yes this is crazy and yes this has come back to bite me in the past, I'm looking at you Sookie Stackhouse.) 
  • In other news, I've started Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock and am loving it. But after that, I'm officially out of TBR goal books for this month. As you know, all of my goals come from the TBR list in hopes of diminishing it and I either haven't finished my goals each month or have just barely done it in time so I'm starting on the next month. So that means, I can finally return to my regular shelf of books on my nook that are not technically from my TBR list. Does that make sense? Regardless of my crazy, I'm excited! 
  • The big achievement of this weekend (other than finishing a book or two) was that I finally uploaded all of my wedding pictures to an online album everyone can see and to facebook. This may seem easy but I had to rearrange them all chronologically (which was a mess) and it was a huge pain in the ass because my Mac did not want to drag and drop permanently in the folders. Literally took me all weekend but I did it. Then was pleasantly rewarded by lots of compliments :) 
  • I never upload pictures to facebook and never do selfies so uploading all of these pictures felt extremely egotistical to me but I bit the bullet and did it. Like I said, the compliments are nice, but it's still a little weird.
  • My husband and I have downloaded a Spanish speaking app to improve our Spanish (obvi) and he can already say Tu eres una mujer. I'm so proud. (sidenote: I minored in Spanish but am hoping this app will be a good refresher. So far, so good!) He told me we can start speaking Spanish in our house and "be one of those fancy couples." Looking forward to that. 
What are some of your thoughts this week?

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