Monday, October 21, 2013

Four Past Midnight Mini-review #1

Stephen King is one of my favorite authors and this time of year, I can't get enough of a good thriller. Luckily, I had this grouping of four of King's novellas already on my nook so I didn't have to look very far to satisfy my cravings. I'm going to do the review for this book a little differently. Since it's actually four small books (about 200 pages each), I think I will do mini reviews for each and then a summary at the end. Changing things up around here, look out!

Four Past Midnight Title: Four Past Midnight
Author: Stephen King
Date Read: October 17, 2013

First up, we have The Langoliers

Summary: On a redeye flight from Los Angeles to Boston, only 11 passengers survive--but landing in a dead world makes them wish they hadn't. goodreads

Review: There were only a handful of characters in this novella and the entire story took place between an airplane and an airport. King, being the writer that he is, was able to connect the reader to these characters fairly quickly and the character I latched on to the most was Dinah. Dinah is a little girl who is blind (not a spoiler, it's the first thing you learn about her) and telling this story through her eyes was absolutely terrifying. I can only imagine how scary it would be to have to interpret all of the crazy things going on around you without sight and without logic (because what happens in this story is way beyond logic.)

The overall story is a little sci-fi but with King's typical thriller components. There was the character who had the psychological break which is a regular in King books and there was also the question of, what's real vs. what's just in your head. King does a fantastic job of blurring those lines in this novella as well as the other 3 stories in this book. While reading this book, I kept trying to figure out why it happened and how the characters were going to fix it. It seemed a little far fetched for me but was overall enjoyable. Not my favorite novella in the series but I definitely want to see the movie.

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