Monday, July 15, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge

As you may have noticed, the reviews around here have been a little sparse. That may be due to the 1,200+ page book I'm working on finishing (almost there), the fact that I have only 46 days left to finalize everything about my wedding, or that I have very little else going on. Whatever the reason, I'm sorry about the lack of content. In order to spruce up the ole bloggie here, I figured I would participate in a blogging challenge created by April over at Good Books and Good Wine.

I'm starting a little late so I will probably just post when I have a lull in book related banter on my end, but I will link up with every post. You can get the low down and all of the challenge related info here.

And for my first post, 15 book related confessions!

1. I love to read and am constantly reading, but I don't have a lot of people to talk about books with. Hence the blog. My dad and I read some of the same books so he is always good for a recommendation but I really don't have very many people to talk books with. That is super lame so I mostly interact with other bibliophiles on the Internet. (Loser alert...)

2. I'm hesitant about recommendations to friends. Ok, this is weird. I know it and I own it. The thing is, due to numero uno, my friends are rarely looking for books that I enjoy reading and are more looking for quick beach reads. While I have plenty of those to give out, the books I love and would like to recommend to people, they aren't usually interested in. If only I could get one to read The Book Thief. Come on, people!

3. The first two were kind of pathetic so let's make this one fun. I aim to read 100+ books a year and last year was my first year to accomplish this! This year I'm well on my way and am around 54 so far.

4. I read the majority of my books on my nook. I love dead tree books and own too many, but my nook is my go-to for reading.

5. I'm a bad reader/supporter of the reading community and have been known to use

6. I never buy ebooks and will refuse to for the rest of my life. I get the majority of ebooks from my local library and when I want to buy a book, I go to the Book Dispensary, a book sale, or my trusty B&N. I just think spending money on something that you can't put your hands on is a waste (especially if it's free at the lib!)

7. Speaking of Barnes and Noble, it is my happy place. If I could visit one daily, I would.

8. I enjoy listening to ebooks but haven't recently due to my car's cd player hating me and no longer working. Anyone else driving a car from 1996?

9. I totally judge a book by the cover. Not to say I won't read a book with a boring cover, but if I'm perusing the library or a book store, the only way I'm going to pick up a book I know nothing about is if it has a good cover.

10. I always finish a book. There is one exception referenced here but I will conquer it one day.

11. I hate covers that have the movie characters on them. There is probably a fancy phrase for what this is called but I am not having it! I'm looking at you Nicholas Sparks.

He's hot but I'm still not having it.


12. In that line of thought, if I purchase books in a series, I will always buy all of them and they better be in the same format. No going back and forth between hard backs and paper backs. I do this even if I don't really like the end of the series (Sookie Stackhouse for one) but it brings my reading OCD into play and I just can't handle it.

13. I used to be a dog-earer but no more! I now have a lovely bookmark, that is actually the word love (barf, I know), and I use it with all of my books.

14. I will like a book simply based on the characters. I'm not one of those readers that focuses on how well the writing is and the symbolism and yada yada yada. If I like your characters, I will like your book. Not to say I won't hate your book or judge you for poor writing but I am more forgiving if you have great characters and a good story.

15. My TBR on goodreads list consists of 100+ books. I think this is relatively low because I know that there are far more books that I want to read but it's also a little embarrassing due to the fact that I'm obvious missing out on 100+ books.

Well, these are my confessions (did you sing that like Usher while reading that because I totally did) and they are completely random. I look forward to linking up with April and all of the other posts this challenge will create! Do you have any confessions?


  1. If I'm a fan of the movie, having the poster on the cover, is kind of awesome. I mean this when I'm talking about Beautiful Creatures and City of Bones...

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    My Day 1

    - Nova @ Musings of a Blogder

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I just started following you too!

  2. Great list! I also hate the movie characters on a book cover. I am loving the new cover on City of Bones, though. It doesn't have the characters, just the city skyline, and I love it!

    New follower!

  3. I agree! That cover is epic! I find I'm ok with various covers as long as they are book related rather than movie related. Thanks for the follow!