Monday, January 20, 2014

The Color of Magic

601238Title: The Color of Magic
Author: Terry Pratchett
Read: January 14, 2014
Series: Discworld #1

Summary: On a world supported on the back of a giant turtle (sex unknown), a gleeful, explosive, wickedly eccentric expedition sets out. There's an avaricious buy inept wizard, a naive tourist whose luggage moves on hundreds of dear little legs, dragons who only exist if you believe in them, and of course THE EDGE of the planet... goodreads

Review: How did this get on my TBR list? I have no idea! That seems to be the case with most of my TBR list but I rarely question myself until it is too late and I've started the book. Since we all know I don't believe in DNF, I have regretted the lack of parameters on my TBR list a time or two. This is one of those times.

Don't get me wrong. This book is ridiculous. And delightfully ridiculous at times. The sense of humor is what some people refer to as "British humor" and there are very clever plays on words and character developments but it just wasn't for me. I was bored! The story basically follows two characters through a magical world and all of the stupid things they do to get them into trouble. Funny at times? Yes. Completely ridiculous? Yes. Worth MY time? No. I emphasize MY time because I think this book would be very enjoyable for some people but it just wasn't for me. I prefer my humor sarcastic, snarky, and witty. This was not that. From what I understand, I'm in the minority here and there are a ton of other books in the series that are just as delightfully ridiculous as this one if that's what you're into. While I can appreciate this type of writing, I am not interested in reading any more of it. Nope. Not for me.

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