Friday, January 10, 2014

January 2014 Reading List

In light of my recent goals that I have set for myself, I'm going to start setting monthly reading lists (aka goals!) to help keep me on track. I'm thinking I'll pre-set 5 a month to keep me reading books that are relevant, on my TBR list, or part of a series I want to finish. I will do one "real" book and four ebooks for now. Keep in mind, I do what I want so the structure might change in future months but I'm going to strive and read my 5 books each month (plus whatever else catches my fancy). May also keep me on track for conquering the TBR as well as my annual 100. First up, is January! And yes, I'm fully aware we are well into the month of January but like with my goals, I'm just a wee bit late. After my small blogging sabbatical it took me a while to line up future posts and ideas. Give me a break!

Real book

The Lies of Locke Lamora
I've already started this one and read it before. Loving every second of it!


1148613056159 The Chaperone
No idea where this one came from but I'll try it. 

The Color Purple
Yes, I know. I haven't read this one yet either. Soon to be remedied!

60123813623785The Color (or Colour) of Magic
Disc World #1
Not sure why this is on TBR but I think I remember someone mentioning that it is for Harry Potter fans, which I obviously am. 

The Cutting Season
Southern. History. Plantation. Mystery. Right up my alley!

15797938 The Dinner
Heard good things about this one, looking forward to it.

Have you read any of these? What are your January goals?

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