Monday, August 26, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 8

Write 15 Bullet Points of Things That Appeal to You on Blogs!

1. Sense of humor! I love a good sense of humor. Sarcasm? Give me more!
2. Pictures. I like the pretty things.
3. GIFs. I'm not very good at gif-ing (yes, I may have made that word up) but I admire people who do it really well.
4. Link ups! I love the blogging community and this is a cool way to discover blogs and have your blog discovered.
5. Memes. 10 Ten Tuesday and this blogger challenge are the only ones I'm currently participating in but I think they are great for prompts when you don't have any reviews.
6. Reviews! Imagine that. I like to read reviews of popular books to hear what real people think of them and not just the critics. But I also like to discover other books that bloggers recommend.
7. Suggestions of other bloggers. Once again, to expand my blog world.
8. I like to feel like the writer is talking to me. Whether that be a unique sense of humor or just a conversationalist way of talking, I'd rather have that than a dry review or post.
9. Bloggers who interact with their followers. I love comments and love replying but it drives me nuts when other people ignore their followers.
10. People who help other bloggers. I think it's awesome for bloggers to motivate each other and offer help on anything from writing to HTML.
11. Personal style. Everyone started a blog for a reason and I like to see that come through in the way they design their blog and topics they cover.
12. Colors! I love cool designs and unique aspects of blogs.
13. A list of past posts/reviews. It's nice to be able to jump to a review of a blogger you like and see what they thought of a certain book.
14. A rating system. Everything is subjective but at least I can compare a review for a 5 start to a review of a 3 star (or cupcake, if you will.)
15. Individualism. Be you! If you aren't genuine, that can come across very easy. Don't start a blog to be like others. You can look to them for inspiration but your own personality should be what shines through.

Overall, I'm pretty easy to please. I just want to be entertained and interested in what you have to say.


  1. #9 is SO important. I don't need every one of my comments to get a personal reply, but if I never see the blogger responding to ANY comments, it totally turns me off. (Especially if it's a small blog. "Really," I find myself thinking... "You get like three comments a post and you can't engage in some conversation?") I try not to judge, but whatever that lack of interaction does or doesn't say about the blogger, those just aren't the blogs where I want to spend my time.

    1. I know! I've sent direct emails/messages to bloggers and haven't gotten a reply. That makes me think, why bother posting your info and saying "contact me, I love to chat!"? I also totally respect the bloggers who do this just for themselves and aren't interested in the community. But I think those bloggers don't leave space for comments or contact options. To each their own but I love good conversation on a blog!